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Making Station Building Disappear
by marinersfan59
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This is an easy 5 step hack in order to get rid of the station entrances and exits, while keeping the roller coaster operable. This is most useful on other hacked flat rides (like giant frisbees), but can be used for other coasters. This does not get rid of the entrance and exit, but lowers them to the bottom of the map. This tutorial works well with hacked custom rides like the Giant Frisbee.

You'll need:

Son of Beast Trainer
-=-Link to download-=-

Step 1: Setting it up

Build your coaster layout including the station, but not the entrance and exit building. Queue lines should also be put in at this step, but are not shown in this tutorial. Below is a screen of what I mean on an extremely basic layout.

Step 2: Starting the hack

In the SoB trainer, go to the following in the menu (also illustrated below);
Landscape>Begin Special Build mode

Step 3: Placing the entrance and exit points

Back in game, after you started the special build mode, place the entrance and exit just like normal. They will not be gone yet, so don't worry

Step 4: Disappearing Act

In the SoB trainer, go to the following in the menu (also illustrated below);
Landscape>Execute Special Build mode>Execute Sink Scenery

Step 5: Finishing the trick

Still in the SoB trainer, it is extremely vital that you do this step. (also illustrated below);
Landscape>End Special Build Mode

When finished, the station platform will still be there, and the entrance and exit will appear to be invisible. The queue lines and exit path will still appear as normal, but unfortunatly usually don't work all the time. Here are two screens of the final appearance in game:

Very important question and answer related to peeps and mech's abilities to use the rides like normal: Here

An example of using this tutorial in combination with another to
get a great result: Here